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We are working virtually. Peer support via phone continues. Walk-in & group programs suspended.


We support women who are experiencing crisis or distress, or who are in transition. We empower women to be their best self. The Women’s Centre is a place to learn, grow, get support, and become empowered. We are women who are directed and driven in all that we do. Empowering women is at the root of our philosophy and mandate. Our Centre is open to all women, and provides support and assistance in a non-judgemental way. This support gives each woman the opportunity to be heard and accepted, to acknowledge her equal worth and the individuality of her life experience. We also acknowledge the shared commonality of women’s experiences, as well as the impact of this experience and societal expectations on women’s behaviours and choices.

“Coming into the Centre was a difficult step for me but also one of the best steps for me. I became interested in gaining new friendships and breaking out of the isolation rut that I had been putting myself into. I didn’t know where to turn, but felt ‘The Women’s Centre’ was inviting and decided to give it a try. I came into the Centre with the expectation of at least meeting one other woman similar to me and can say that I walked out with many friends as a result of the programming happening at the Centre. I felt for the first time a sense of strength, a sense of ability and a sense of belonging that I haven’t felt in a long time.”

– Q.M.

We believe that each woman who comes through our doors is important and unique. The Women’s Center is a safe, compassionate place to get support, explore life, and make connections. We believe that all women should have access to support.

We are often the first place that a woman comes to when looking for support. Therefore, we provide a wide range of services to meet your needs, as well as referrals to local community agencies to provide the best support when you don’t know where to turn.

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