A lot of people are asking, why do we still celebrate International Women’s Day, pretty sure the only response to that is why wouldn’t we continue to celebrate International Women’s Day?

IWD dates as far back as 1909 and began as a day to recognize Women’s Suffrage.

The day has since evolved into an international day of celebrating everything women have to be proud of, starting of course with our right to vote, the first major step in being considered actual living, breathing human beings. WHAT A WIN! However even to this day this has not become a universal right for all women.

This year IWD aims to focus on breaking the bias.

This is great and this is definitely something we need to do, let’s start by breaking the bias within our own gender. While IWD is an internationally observed and celebrated day we must recognize that IWD means something different to all of us. It’s easy for me to celebrate IWD here in Canada as a straight, cisgender, white female, I can look at IWD and celebrate how far women have come.

I can vote, I can get a job, drive a car, make choices about my own body but these decisions are not available to women around the world, these decisions are not even available to every woman here in Canada.

This needs to change, equality for all is not equality if it only applies to the privileged.

IWD is important to me because I am grateful to have the safety and freedom I do. I am grateful that I can go to work, have a voice in my democracy and decide what’s best for my body. I celebrate IWD to commemorate the women who have come before me and fought for these rights but I also celebrate to show support to the women here at home and all around the world that don’t have the same sense of safety and enjoy those same freedoms.

This is why we have to keep celebrating International Women’s Day, we have to keep talking about gender inequality, the way that women are treated everywhere and fight to make every woman in every corner of this globe equal.

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