If anyone ever tells you “no one watches women’s sports” don’t listen.

The PWHL inaugural season is breaking attendance records almost every week. 48,112 people showed up to watch Christine Sinclair play her final game for Team Canada, not to mention the millions more that watched from home. Last year a record was set during a Wisconsin vs Minnesota women’s college volleyball game, sorry a record was absolutely smashed when 1.66 million people tuned into the match, decimating the previous record of 612,000.

3.4 million people watched as Coco Gauff defeated Aryna Sabalenka to win the 2023 US Open, a casual 1.1 million more than the number of viewers that watched the men’s final. The number of people watching WNBA games is only going up every year and we know that’s only going to continue once the queen of the court, Caitlin Clark, joins the league. Right now she’s still busy breaking every possible record she can in the NCAA.

So the next time someone tells you “no one watches women’s sports” politely let them know that they’re very wrong and invite them to watch a game because I guarantee they will be impressed by how immensely talented these women are.

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