Celebrating our Heroes

A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Dedicated Volunteers

This past April 16th, during Volunteer Appreciation Week, we had the distinct pleasure of celebrating the hardworking and dedicated volunteers at the Centre. Our event, held at out Oakville office, was a wonderful gathering that brought together our volunteers, staff, and board members — a true reflection of our community’s spirit and commitment.

A Day of Joy and Connection

It was a day to remember, filled with smiles, heartfelt conversations, and shared meals. Our volunteers, who tirelessly offer peer support, provide legal advice, and run various impactful programs, finally got a chance to unwind and truly feel appreciated. The informal meet-and-greet with board members was a highlight, bridging connections and fostering a deeper sense of belonging within our community.

A Special Message from Our Executive Director, Kate

Listen as Kate shares her heartfelt thanks and reflects on the invaluable contributions of our volunteers in this touching video message. Your dedication truly makes a difference.

Messages from our Volunteers

Hear directly from the hearts of those who give their time and energy to our community. In these heartfelt video testimonials, our volunteers share their experiences, the joy they feel in serving others, and the profound impact volunteering has had on their lives.

A Message from our Board

Watch as our board members discuss the rewarding experience of serving as volunteers. Discover the personal impacts and profound fulfillment they find in guiding our community to success.

A Community Built on Support and Appreciation

Dear volunteers, we could not do it without you!

You are the heart and soul of our Centre. Every moment spent with you is a gift, and we are so grateful for your selflessness and commitment. We cannot thank you enough!

As a nonprofit volunteer organization we are always looking for community support.

Financial donations help us continue our valuable programs and workshops.