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Self Growth 6-Week Series

March 28, 2023 @ 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm EDT

Join Kristine on Tuseday evenings for this 6-week journey of self growth!

Although this eventbrite shows the workshops occuring on March 28th and April 4th, this is a 6 week series. Please sign up for only one of the date options, signing up for either March 28th or April 4th, effectively signs you up to attend all 6 sessions.

Overview of the Series:

Week 1-Forgiveness

Letting go of pain is a critical component towards mental health. This is your opportunity to learn how to let it go.

Week 2 – Energy Shifts & Love

Your heart is an instrument made of extremely subtle energy that few people come to appreciate. These energy shifts and variations that take place in the heart run your life. New learned behaviour can free more room and space in our hearts to experience more love and happiness.

Week 3 – Triggers

Flashes of what you have experienced can rush into your conscienceness…the thoughts, the feelings, sometimes even smells and other sensory input. Years later it can get stimulated and you can feel the feelings you experienced in the past. Learn how to control the unfinished emotional and mental energy patterns that are stored and getting reactivated.

Week 4 – Fear

Change can be viewed as either exciting or frightening, bur regardless of how we view it, we must all face the fact that change is the very nature of life. We will work on how to recognize that you have it, and work to release it…And then there is great peace and enjoyment like you have never felt before.

Week 5 – Five Steps of the Transformation Process

There are 5 Important Steps, to help you develop a new NORMAL for how much goodness you’re willing to feel all the time. At this stage of your evolution, we get to decide what’s true about you, your life, your word now.

Week 6 – Moving Beyond out Cage

We need to learn how to go beyond ourselves. With no more boundaries for ourselves…only boundaries with others to protect ourselves. We will learn how to simply interact with the day with a peaceful, fully inspired heart. Mastering our thoughts can change our lives. This is how great beings live.

Meet the Facilitator: Kristine

Kristine Cieslok, Silver Lining Life Coaching is a Certified Life Coach. She specializes in coaching and teaching tools which guide her clients towards living a lifestyle of positivity and self love, which ultimately leads her clients to a life that is fuller and more successful.

She has written and developed programs that teach tools that enable you to learn to create new outlooks in life, and to overcome past experiences that might have a negative influence on you. It is Kristine’s passion is to coach her clients towards personal growth which create new positive self beliefs.


March 28, 2023
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm EDT


The Women’s Centre of Halton
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