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Womens Accountability Group (6 Weeks)

November 10, 2023 @ 6:00 am - 7:00 am EST

Do you always find yourself saying “I will start tomorrow” and then never do, well then this accountability group is for you.

About the Group

Hi everyone, one my name is Sukhi and I will be hosting the 6 week accountability group where we will meet on zoom every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 6am to 7am, to hold each other accountable.

In this group we will meet at 6am, have a quick check in and see how we all are and then then get straight in to the workout which we will do together for around 25 to 30 minutes, you are free to switch your camera off for the workout part, I myself will leave mines on for extra moral support just in case you feel like giving up and need that extra push, we will be following a program on YouTube and the links will be sent to everyone by Sunday lunchtime so you have these before the group meets on a Monday. I will be sending out 5 workouts for the week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will do together and Tuesday and Thursday we will do in our own time. I will also send out some information on healthy and quick breakfast ideas and points on how to hold yourself accountable.

(Please be advised that I am not a fitness coach or a nutritionist and these are just ideas that have worked for me, so if you have any health issues, please speak to your family doctor before signing up)

Once the workouts are done, we will switch on our cameras and do a grounding technique each week it will be something different, I will walk you though this and then use some time to set our intention for the day as well write in our journal.

This will be a beautiful group where we can push one another to achieve our goals and I strongly believe that as women we are always rushing around and doing so much for others that we neglect ourselves, so this is our opportunity to give back to ourselves.

Meet Sukhi

Hi my name is Sukhi and I am 42 years old and a mother to an amazing 11 year old daughter. My daughter and I moved in Canada January 2022 so am fairly new to the country. I am a single mum and have juggled working, studying as well as being a parent, this has not been easy and as they grow up it gets harder with their school work, extra activities and so on and as a parent I have put my daughters needs before mine and I will never regret this, however I also believe that I need to look after myself because like they say you can not pour from an empty cup. I would use all the excuses I could think of like, I am tired, I am busy, I can not spend time on myself and so on, and yes these are valid points, but I then started looking at myself, I was getting up early but what was I doing? Scrolling on social media or just spending time in front on the TV in the evening, or just doing housework all the time.

I then took an internal look at myself and said that enough is enough I must stop making these excuses, I started getting up extra early to have some time for myself, where I can meditate, do yoga, workout or write in my journal, having this time to myself before my daughter gets up helped me to be more productive and she saw the difference in me, I was so much happier and active then before.

Unfortunately a few months ago we had a unexpected death in our family and this led me to put everything to a stand still again because all my energy was taken up on supporting my family mentally and emotionally and I was just too tired to work on myself, I have now decided to start back up again but this time I wanted to do this with other women and also give them an opportunity to start working on themselves, I have seen the results and I can truly say that if we all put in the work and time then by the end of the 6 weeks we will definitely see a difference in ourselves.

I have over 15 years of experience in working in a Social Service background and I have seen the same thing with many women, and this is that they have not put themselves first they have neglected their well being and happiness and this has then taken a toll on their health. This has made me want to support women get back into a routine and teach ways to hold themselves accountable without having to pay so much for a coach.

I am also a qualified level 2 in Reiki practitioner, and I will use self-healing reiki energy in the grounding techniques, so please come and join me in the accountability group where you will also get to make new friends as well as support from one another.

The Eventbrite has 2 dates as registration however registration to either one of these will hold your place for the full 6 weeks the last session will be on the 15th December 2023.


November 10, 2023
6:00 am - 7:00 am EST


The Women’s Centre of Halton
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