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Assertiveness Training is where you learn how to ask for, and receive, the things you want from life. Learn and practice communication tactics that will help you assert yourself at work, in relationships, and many other areas of your life.


In this workshop, the goal is to support a woman in seeing her true value. Women will learn how to communicate their needs more effectively without guilt, shame, or fear. This series explores what makes a relationship unhealthy. You will learn how to identify harmful patterns and develop skills to improve your own relationships.


Are you new to the workforce? Have you been unemployed for a while? Are you having difficulties securing long-term employment? This program will teach modern résumé and cover letter techniques, interview skills, networking, computer skills, and job search skills, all within a women-centered approach. Meet other women who are currently exploring job opportunities and learn from each others’ stories.


Are you currently employed but unhappy and want explore new career options? Are you looking to weigh the pros and cons of changing jobs? Do you want to know exactly where your skill sets lie and where you will thrive? Our one-on-one coaching will provide individualized support that takes into account your personal circumstances and the barriers to fulfilling your goals.


This one-on-one support is for women who are struggling with depression, anxiety, or other undiagnosed mental health challenges, and who are in need of various mental health supports. Having our mental health advocate in a women’s corner means that her voice and experience will be considered.


In this group, women come together and learn a variety of tools to help them cope with depression and anxiety. This group focuses on coping strategies in a supportive group environment while becoming empowered to live their best lives.


This is an empowerment series that focuses on making positive changes in your life and facing challenges head on. This series is comprised of a network of empowered women who share similar goals and experiences, and provides a chance to foster friendships, build confidence, educate and promote positive thinking.


This group provides a safe environment in which to share your concerns, receive support, and connect with other women. This group will walk you through the emotional stages of separating and divorcing an intimate partner in your life. Walk through grief, anger, and devastation, and talk about family matters in a safe, supportive, caring group environment.


While lawyers focus on the legalities of divorce, planners with training use software to evaluate settlements, including tax implications and the economics behind the division of assets. Lawyers are typically involved in a settlement, but they often do not know whether a lump sum is better than periodic payments, or whether a lot of money over a short period of time is better than less money for longer. Our divorce financial analyst will discuss Five Financial Mistakes we can avoid making such as mixing up CRA and Family Law Separation dates; not accounting for capital gains, broker commissions and other costs; selling or keeping matrimonial home; failing to ensure spousal support payments and planning for income tax, and ruining baking and credit.


Are you going through a difficult time? Our peer supporters provide one-on-one support and mentorship by phone, email, or in person. The program is for women facing challenges in their everyday life. This program is open to all women and is offered in the spirit of “women supporting women”.


We offer free, one-on-one counselling services for women who are dealing with the effects of abuse. Meet with a counsellor where you will receive emotional support and guidance throughout the healing process, with a focus on developing concrete plans for future safety.



Women who are dealing with low self-esteem can receive personalized life coaching for up to eight sessions. Find empowerment, boost your self-esteem, and learn helpful skills that you can implement in your everyday life.


This one day seminar will introduce you to the basics of Family Law, providing you with practical information to help you resolve a legal family matter. Topics covered include property division, spousal support, child custody/access, separation agreements, and child support. This seminar covers everything you need to know about separation and divorce.


Offered in the spirit of women supporting women, our volunteer lawyers provide free, half-hour legal advice sessions to women. These sessions aim to provide a starting point when accessing the legal system. These clinics address family, immigration, criminal, and employment law issues. All women are welcome. No appointments are required, as this is a drop in service on a first come, first serve basis.


The Women’s Centre provides income tax preparation for low income women, including advice on accessing various rebates and benefits such as the Canada Child Tax Benefit and health care benefits. Call or visit our website for financial eligibility and dates of clinics. Clinics run from the end of February through the end of March. No appointments are taken for this program as it is a drop-in, first come, first serve clinic.


Stress can be overwhelming and have a negative impact on many aspects of your life. This workshop will help you manage your stress and teach you strategies to work through a variety of challenges that you experience in everyday life.


Join a group of women for light-hearted conversation and snacks. No registration required.


Do you never seem to be able to take time for yourself? Drop in for this monthly workshop and learn ways to practice self-care in the midst of all the chaos.


We all experience negativity in our lives. Sometimes it is directed towards us by others. At times, it may be a result of our own negative thoughts and feelings. Regardless of the source, we are able to learn how to combat these negativity attacks by introducing more positive thoughts and feelings.

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