This holiday season, step into the magic of giving by sponsoring a family through The Women’s Centre of Halton.

It’s more than just gifts; it’s about creating moments of joy and building connections that last a lifetime.

How it works

  1. Share your Contact Details:
    Fill out your contact details so we can reach out to you to match you to a family.
  2. Select Your Family Size:
    Small (1-2 people) – Budget: $100-$200
    Medium (3-5 people) – Budget: $300-$500
    Large (6+ people) – Budget: $600 and up
  3. Drop Off Your Gifts
    Visit us at our Milton or Oakville office to drop off your gifts by Decemeber 20th.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right family size and budget?

The choice is entirely yours! Consider what resonates with your heart. Small families (1-2 people) have a budget range of $100-$200, medium families (3-5 people) range from $300-$500, and large families (6+ people) start from $600.

Can I sponsor a family anonymously?

Absolutely. All interactions are handled discreetly. While dropping off your gifts, we’ll provide a simple thank-you note without disclosing specific details about the family.

Can I specify what kind of gifts I want to give?

Yes! The sponsorship form allows you to leave notes. Whether you prefer to buy only gift cards or focus on making the children’s holiday special, your sponsorship is personalized to your preferences

Is there a deadline for applying to sponsor a family?

While there’s no strict deadline, we encourage sponsors to aim for having gifts in our offices by December 20th. This ensures a timely and festive delivery.

How can I drop off the gifts?

You can drop off your carefully chosen gifts at either our Milton or Oakville offices. The process is designed to be seamless and anonymous, ensuring a positive experience for both sponsors and recipients.

What happens after I've submitted the sponsorship form?

Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll be matched with a family of the appropriate size. Shortly after, you’ll receive a thank-you message along with discreet details about the family you’ve sponsored.


Can I sponsor more than one family?

Absolutely! Your generosity knows no bounds. If you wish to sponsor multiple families, feel free to specify the details in the sponsorship form or contact us directly for assistance.

How can I get in touch for more information or assistance?

For more information or assistance, please reach out to us directly at hello@womenscentrehalton.com or call us at 905-847-9104

As a nonprofit volunteer organization we are always looking for community support.

Financial donations help us continue our valuable programs and workshops.